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Earn with the most sought after
programme in the field
of weight loss and health

Why to cooperate with the World of Health

  • The highest amount of money paid out in the field (monthly > CZK 1 million)
  • The field of weight loss and health has been very trendy lately (long-term statistics show that 50% of Czech people suffer from excess weight)
  • Czech company – new products tailored directly for our market
  • The World of Health is the only company in the market which has a computer program that enables it to use the unique KNT metabolic diagnostics developed by Dr. Petr Fořt

Services of the World of Health

I want to lose weight
I want to be healthy
I want to improve my sports performance
What shall my children eat?

What will you offer?

Initial interview

CZK 200

  • An initial 60-minute interview with a nutritional specialist which costs CZK 200. During this interview a client is diagnosed by means of a medically checked device, his/her menu is assessed and the client obtains individual tips for keeping perfect weight, professional advice targeted at him/her, motivation and draft plan for successful weight loss.
  • We are preparing other services

How will you offer our services?

A form on your website

If you have your own website, you can insert our order form in your website using tag iframe. You can modify the form as you need by connecting your external ccs file.



Traffic to our website

If you do not have your own website, you can send attendance data to one of our prepared entry sites. We will send you url parameters which you can easily insert in our references.


  • Price for every approved lead CZK 205 or more excluding VAT according to the volume and quality.
  • We pay for every approved lead* (the best partners have had 98% of leads paid).
  • Payment once a month, or if need be, based on an agreement
  • Minimum amount to be paid CZK 1000
  • All overviews of valid and denied leads, statistics and invoicing summary will be available from your account in AffilBox which you establish in the process of registration in the affiliate programme.
1 - 40 leads CZK 200 excl. VAT
41 - 60 leads CZK 210 excl. VAT
61 - 75 leads CZK 220 excl. VAT
76 - 99 leads CZK 230 excl. VAT
100 and more leads CZK 240 excl. VAT + individual bonuses

We will be happy to meet you in person


or phone:

+ 420 731 538 848

* Our complaints policy clearly defines which leads will be approved and which will not be approved – for example a non-existent phone number, foreign telephone number, duplicity, unrelated offer etc. On average, 95% of leads are approved. The best partners are close to 98% (for business terms including conditions for complaints click HERE ). Situations when the approvability fell under 90% have always resulted from the breach of conditions by an affiliate partner (spamming, re-sending of duplicated leads etc.) and usually resulted in termination of cooperation. We respect all partners who understand the win-win attitude.